Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Start...

So I've started this blog so that I can chart, for myself and others, what it takes to do a Fine Art Degree Show....

The degree show proposal is awaiting tutor approval as we speak.... *cripes* Here is the proposal:

Three large works on board. Two of them will be adapted large scale poster works, each poster measures approximately 0.5m x 1.5m. These will be large shop beauty/cosmetics adverts with house gloss paint poured onto them after a treatment below of PVA. In between these two works, will be a large scale photocopy (measuring approx 0.5m x 1m) of Maria Gunning Countess of Coventry, the photocopy will be of a print of a miniature of her from The Wallace Collection. The miniature is set in an ornate frame which will also be in the photocopy. The large photocopy image will be backed onto a jigsaw cut board. The other images will be on rectangular board. All on a beta hanging system. The colours of the house gloss paint will be coral red, baby turquoise and baby lilac.

Over Easter I did some new stuff which may or may not feature in the final degree show, I was working with the idea of "controlled destruction" something that was starting to creep into the work.

Ok so, this work below took about 3 days of a tedious but pretty satisfying process, tiny holes into a magazine advert for a fashion house. I was trying to obliterate everything but the bits I noticed and created anxiety and pleasure for me.

This was the start of it, and the effect of the white dots is actually light shining through the holes from a light source.

Will post more images of the finished and utterly obliterated piece when I find a bad ass lightbox.

This idea came from messing about with this:

Both these pieces led me to the idea that I am eating away at the images that eat away at me.

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