Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday I went to the "No Soul For Sale" installation at Tate Modern as part of the Tate Modern 10th Birthday celebrations. One of the things I picked up was a newspaper style booklet called "Speaking of Destruction...", a beautiful publication produced by the Swiss Institute for the Under Destruction show at Swiss Institute New York.

The Booklet contains quotes from people on destruction, relevant to my work I picked out two of the most poignant ones for me and my practice:

"The impulse of modern art is the desire to destroy beauty" - Barnett Newman.

"I always said punk was an attitude it was never about having a Mohican haircut or wearing a ripped t-shirt. It was all about destruction, and the creative potential within that."
- Malcolm McLaren
Here is an image of some of the work at the moment, at the moment the colours are too reminiscent of Kirsten Glass' stuff for me. But I like the dissection of the image and the further emphasis on the shapes. The writing you can see is the work of James Ashby King who also works on the window in my studio.

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